Young Workers HUB

NSW Young Workers Hub (YWH) is run by young people for young people.

Who We Are & Our Mission

NSW Young Workers Hub (YWH) is run by young people for young people. Our objectives are standing up against exploitation and educating young people on their rights at work, with an end goal of empowering young workers in NSW.

We connect with young workers and provide opportunities to get involved in issues that matter to you. 

We advocate for improved support, safety, and protection for young people at work. 

We equip all young people with the knowledge needed to protect themselves and others in the workplace.

Why Do We Exist

We recognise that a lot of young people have no clue what their rights at work are.

“Am I being paid right?”

“How many breaks do I get?”

“What exactly am I entitled to?”

“What the heck is superannuation?”

These questions are so common, yet the answers are hard to come by. 

We recognise that young people are impacted the most by social and economic crises yet lack the support to tackle them in NSW.

This is where the NSW Young Workers Hub comes in.


What To Expect From Us

We provide free, easy-to-read fact sheets that lay out your rights at work in NSW and stand up for issues that matter to you.

We hold events led by young people for young people, including:

  • Social events and activities
  • Campaigns
  • Free educational sessions for schools
  • Meet-ups

Stay Up To Date

The NSW Young Workers Hub is still in its early stages, so if you want to stay up to date with our progress and future events, campaigns, and opportunities, sign up here or use the form below.