Migrant Workers Hub

Unions NSW’s Migrant Workers Hub organises, advocates and campaigns for migrant workers. It is also the home of the Visa Assist project a free for union member service which provides confidential immigration and citizenship advice and assistance.

What we do

The Migrant Workers’ Hub builds community capability through the fostering of community networks and the development of community based programs to train migrant workers and community leaders in organising and advocating for better work rights and conditions.

We deliver regular information sessions about working rights and immigration law, and collaborate with several education institutions in NSW, including English colleges and universities.

Education sessions led by the Migrant Workers’ Hub have engaged over 2,000 migrant workers around the state. We rely on a network of trusted partners that provide information and resources across 170 online groups in ten different languages. This is the largest online network of migrant groups in Australia.

Our information sessions have engaged over 2,000 migrant workers throughout NSW.

Visa Assist has provided over 2,500 legal services since its commencement.

Visa Assist

Visa Assist is a partnership between Unions NSW and the Immigration Advice and Rights Centre (IARC)to provide advice on all immigration and citizenship matters, including skilled, student, graduate, family, protection, refugee and humanitarian visas, refusals and visa cancellations, permanent residency, and Australian citizenship.

Visa Assist has provided over 2,500 legal services since its commencement in 2018 and requested 14 successful ministerial interventions to protect the visa status of workers who were subjected to workplace exploitation.

Visa Assist has provided over 2,500 legal services since its commencement.

Our Research

The Migrant Workers Hub conducts research on matters concerning migrant workers and their experience working in Australia.

This research informs Unions NSW and the Hub’s advocacy and policies on migrant worker issues.

Over the past five years, the Hub has surveyed more than 10,000 migrant workers, audited over 8,000 job advertisements published in foreign languages and submitted over 50 submissions to federal and state government inquiries.

Migrant Worker Publications