Working for $9 an hour

Labour is vital to the Australian horticulture industry. Seasonal variation and the transient nature of the work makes the farmworker population difficult to measure.

Incentivising tradeswork and shiftwork post COVID-19

This report examines the experience of this segment of the workforce during COVID-19, and outline a policy agenda that will provide support for these professions so that they remain an attractive career in future.

Young, free and living precariously

There has been significant media reporting and public commentary on the impact on young people of the COVID-19 pandemic and the related economic recession.

Wage Theft: Horticulture report

At time of writing migration to Australia is at an all-time low. Many nations have begun their roll out of vaccines for the COVID-19 virus however the pandemic still poses a serious threat to lives and economies.

Wage Theft: The Shadow Market

The exploitation of temporary migrant workers in Australia is a common and known problem that appears to be endemic throughout Australian workplaces.