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29 February 2024
Australians outspend the citizens of every other country on online gambling with $95 billion turned over in poker machines in NSW pubs and clubs each year – equivalent to almost three times the NSW Health budget.
27 February 2024
Today’s damning Auditor General report into Safework is an indictment on the organisation’s conduct for the last decade and must be the trigger for robust reform to give workers a regulator they can rely upon.
7 February 2024
Unions NSW, a long time campaigner against migrant exploitation, has declared the passage of a suite of reforms through the Senate as a massive step forward for justice and fairness.
6 September 2023
Unions NSW has strongly endorsed the NSW Government’s decision to increase coal royalties so it can fund the attraction and retention of essential workers.
5 May 2023
Social work and teaching students are carrying a burden of up to $21,000 to complete mandatory internships, according to a fresh analysis by Unions NSW that warns Australia cannot attract the workers it needs in these critical industries without reform.
10 March 2023
The Fair Work Commission has today blown a credibility hole in the NSW Government’s wages policy, providing Sydney Trains employees with an additional one per cent pay rise annually for 2022 and 2023.
3 December 2022
It’s been revealed that senior executives at NSW government agencies, departments and state-owned corporations are draining $1 billion from public coffers while the household incomes of paramedics, fireys, teachers and other public sector workers shrink.
15 November 2022
The premier’s crisis-prone insurer iCare is doling out fat executive pay increases while the heroes of the pandemic watch their household incomes shrink, Unions NSW said today.
8 October 2022
Unions have endorsed a new State Labor gig economy and precarious work policy which will introduce workers compensation and a portable entitlement scheme for affected workers.
15 March 2022
The State’s peak trade union body has called on the PM to reintroduce JobKeeper for flood-affected regions, to bolster economic security and maintain the link between employer and employee.