Resolution: Urgent Ceasefire to the War in Gaza and Humanitarian Aid

Unions NSW expresses deep alarm at the escalating violence and humanitarian crisis occurring in Gaza, Palestine. Unions NSW condemns the attacks on civilians by both Hamas and Israel. Unions NSW represents a diverse group of members who are deeply troubled by the already large number of civilian deaths including children in the four-week-long conflict and are committed to advocating for peace, justice, and human rights both domestically and globally.

Unions NSW condemns the terrorist actions of Hamas, including their attacks on civilians and the taking of hostages. We stand firm in our belief that Hamas must release all hostages and be held accountable for their reprehensible actions. We condemn the retaliatory attacks from Israel, including the shelling of residential buildings and civilian infrastructure. We also condemn Hamas launching rockets, or positioning military-related infrastructure from, or in proximity to, residential buildings or civilian infrastructure. Additionally, we recognize the rights of Israelis and Palestinians to enjoy self-determination, to live without fear or discrimination and to live in peace. We condemn the deaths of Israelis and Palestinians civilians and call for humanitarian aid and safe passage be provided to Palestinians in Gaza.

It is with this commitment in mind that we urgently appeal to the Australian government to use all available diplomatic means to demand a ceasefire and the delivery of desperately needed humanitarian aid. The scale and brutality of the violence, including the killing of 1,400 Israeli[1] and over 10,000 Palestinian civilians[2] and the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Gaza, demands immediate international attention and action.

Alongside the ACTU and the ITUC, Unions NSW calls for all sides and the international community to act for peace.

We urge all parties involved to respect international law and commit to protect civilian lives. We call on all parties to exercise restraint and engage in constructive dialogue to prevent further loss of civilian lives. We call upon all Australians to unite in solidarity, fostering compassion and understanding during this challenging time.

It is our shared responsibility to combat racism, antisemitism, anti-Arab and Islamophobia, and to foster a society built on respect and understanding. In this regard, we encourage political leaders and media commentators to approach this crisis with measured language, promoting unity and understanding.

We believe that the Australian Government, in line with its commitment to peace and security, can play a crucial role in facilitating the necessary steps towards de-escalation and the provision of urgent humanitarian aid in Gaza.