Kean’s cheap stunt won’t improve workplace safety

Matt Kean should stop harassing construction workers and instead explain why he won’t fund workplace
safety inspectors, Unions NSW said today.

“Construction workers risk their lives to work in one of the nation’s most dangerous industries. These
workers are building our homes, constructing tunnels and creating major projects.

“Yet Matt Kean is more interested in harassing them for flying a union flag from a crane than he is in
protecting their safety,” Unions NSW Secretary Mark Morey said.

Construction is among Australia’s most dangerous industries. The most recent annual statistics show 24
fatalities in Australia, approximately one per fortnight.

Since 2011, the NSW Liberals have presided over rolling scandals and crises for workplace safety. Late
last year, the auditor-general began investigating SafeWork, after it emerged that a number of fatalities
and serious injuries were not adequately followed up due to internal and external pressure.

In parliamentary estimates hearings last October it was revealed that only 79 of the construction
industry’s 89 safe work inspector jobs were filled.

“Matt Kean is more interested in procuring election donations from employers than making workplaces
safer. This announcement is a cheap stunt from a flagging government that has run out of ideas.”