iCare pay rise: rewarding bad behaviour 

The premier’s crisis-prone insurer iCare is doling out fat executive pay increases while the heroes of the pandemic watch their household incomes shrink, Unions NSW said today.

Perrottet’s iCare’s CEO will became one of the few NSW government employees on a salary north of $1 million, thanks to a $240,000 annual increase. Seven of iCare’s eight group executives will receive pay increases of more than $100,000 

By contrast, paramedics, nurses, police, firefighters and other public sector workers are copping reductions to they annual income worth thousands of dollars per year, thanks to the Government’s policy of deliberately pegging pay below the soaring cost of living. 

“Dominic Perrottet is more interested in rewarding bad behaviour than rewarding those who risked the lives and health to get us through the pandemic,” said Mark Morey, Secretary of Unions NSW. “Talk about warped priorities.

“iCare has lost billions and yet their reward is massive pay increases. All this while paramedics and nurses wonder if they can afford a supermarket sandwich when they drive home from pulling a double shift.

“Tens of thousands of sick and injured workers have been ripped off by iCare. It has mismanaged money, data and completely lost sight of its purpose.

“Name the scandal and iCare has had it. The place is a basket case.

“The Premier needs to clean this up and reverse this appalling decision immediately.”