Billion dollar bosses as essential services crumble

It’s been revealed that senior executives at NSW government agencies, departments and state-owned corporations are draining $1 billion from public coffers while the household incomes of paramedics, fireys, teachers and other public sector workers shrink.

Unions NSW Secretary, Mark Morey, said it was
astounding to see Premier Perrottet justify the excess while deliberately cutting the pay of those who keep the state moving.

“Dominic Perrottet has rather warped priorities if he thinks these cushy corner office types are worth attracting and retaining but he’s happy for teachers, police and fireys to seek higher real wages in Queensland or Victoria.

“This Premier has overseen a flourishing of executive pay with a record number of public sector bosses getting more than 600k, while the workers who got us through the pandemic  watch their household incomes shrink.”

landmark survey of 2893 public sector workers in October revealed 27% have considered or are considering moving and working in the public sector interstate, with 54% of those workers thinking about Queensland. Further;

  • 62% are currently considering leaving the public sector in the next five years, rising to 75% in education and 70% in healthcare
  • 93% don’t believe their salary has kept up with the cost of living over the past five years
  • 78% believe their working conditions have negatively affected the quality of the work or services they provide over the past two years

Work by Professor David Peetz showed the combination of the  government’s pay cap and the surging cost of living meant workers  including bus drivers, prison officers, nurses, teachers and police were due to see their real wages shrink anywhere from $1800-$3130 per year.

“Dominic Perrottet is the first Premier in living memory to consciously cap pay below the cost of living. But it seems that rule only applies to people who look after our sick, teach our kids or keep our streets safe.

“NSW deserves better than this.”